Demos (Music Industry)

Boulevard Blue (BB) issues demos strictly in accordance with industry requirements.

Record Labels; Two (2) demos via a SoundCloud private song code provided by BB. Full song, final wav masters, audio only. Lyrics are available through this EPK and video per this website by YouTube.

Ad Agencies/Sync; Demos and data via Google Drive and other such upload formats. Final recording masters (MP3), full song, vocals and instrumentation version plus instrumentation only. Lyrics through this EPK and video through this website by YouTube. Pitches are or can be available for applying songs to certain types of ads.

Other Recording Artists; Via Google Drive and other similar upload formats. Full song, final recording MP3. Lyrics will be provided. Any available video per YouTube

Compositions, Production, Recording, Copyrights, PRO, Trademark;   All demos are the sole compositions of Milo Prisuta, as produced by him and his production company, St. Simon Productions. Recordings are by his band, Boulevard Blue. All songs are copyrighted and registered with BMI.  Boulevard Blue is a registered USPTO trademark.